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Lopital Reflex Shower Chair -  Pioneer Medical, Inc.

Lopital® Hygiene

CNA's have one of the most difficult jobs in America.  We believe the Lopital® products can make it a little easier for both the caregiver and patient.  The Reflex All Electric Shower Chair provides many features exceeding that of it's competitors.  Ask us about it!

The All-Terrain Mountain Trike All Will Drive - Pioneer Medical, Inc.

All Will Drive (AWD)™

The Mountain Trike is an innovative solution created by Tim Morgan, to provide freedom of movement to individuals who are otherwise limited to pavement and concrete.  It literally demonstrates the drive within everyone to go further.

Goal Zero YETI Solar Generators - Pioneer Medical, Inc.

Goal Zero® YETI Portable Power

The YETI portable power generators are a great tool for backup and emergency power.  Whether using a CPAP, keeping refrigerated items nice and cold, or powering an oxygen concentrator; the YETI range of generators can provide much needed power in emergency situations or off-grid excursions.